Modular Courses

These are design to have understand requirements in details

TADC  Certified Automation Training Courses

1. Energy saving 1 days

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2. Industrial networking 1 days

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3. Termination technology 2 Days

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4. Panel Building 2 Days

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5. VFD installation 2 Days Read more

6. Servo Installation 2 Days Read more

7. DC drive Installation 2 Days Read more

8. Manufacturing Execution System 3 Days Read more

9. Electrical Basics 2 Days Read more

10. Instrumentation Basics 2 Days Read more

1. Energy saving:

Utilization of energy efficiently and reducing the power losses will result in energy saving. It plays major role in increasing the plant efficiency. This course will help to understand the possibility of energy saving. It includes Energy monitoring, Harmonics, PF, Working of machinery, Improper process by which losses occurs.

2. Industrial networking:

Plant involves lots of equipments and their connectivity must be reliable. To reduce the wiring cost and to keep plant maintenance free. It is essential to know about the industrial networking. This course will help to understand the different types of networks and their uses as per the system requirement

3. Termination technology:

Termination technology is the heart of any electrical and electronics system. The concept of proper termination is very essential to know all concerned electrical and electronics engineers.

4. Panel Building:

Panel is not only cabinet. Very most of the electrical and electronics equipments are mounted on it. Proper design of panel with proper mounting of equipment increase the life of electrical and electronic equipment. So need to focus on all the aspect of design.

5. VFD installation:

VFD is being used to control the speed of AC motor. Most of the companies uses VFD for their application. Installation procedures for SIEMENS, MITSUBISHI and ABB VFD.

6. Servo Installation:

In most of the machine for motion control, to get the speed control and positioning, servo drive is being used. Concept and the procedure of selection and installation of Servo drives will be given in this session.

7. DC drive Installation:

Installation of DC drive for SUGAR, CEMENT, EXTRUSION Machines will be given in this session.

8. Manufacturing Execution System:

MES (Manufacturing Execution System) is an on-line extension of the planning system with an emphasis on execution or carrying out the plan.

The MES is a manufacturing tool designed and built for manufacturing. Most manufacturing companies use a planning process (MRPII/ERP or equivalent) to determine what products are to be manufactured.

9. Electrical Basics:

It will include information about Transformer, Rectifier, Filter, Inverter, Introduction to motors.

10.Instrumentation Basics:

These session includes Sensors, Optical sensors, Proximity sensors, Actuators, Control valves, Solenoids.