TADC Certified Automation Courses


TADC  Certified Automation Training Courses

1. Application Engineer - Sensors and Controllers 3 days INR 2,500

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2. Certified PLC Programmer   3 months INR 22,800

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3. Drive and Motion Controls  5 Days INR 3,800

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4. Certification in Panel Board  Engineering 4 Days INR 3,000

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1. Application Engineer - Sensors and Controllers

TADC - AE1: deals with learning about various types of sensors, working principle, and wiring connections. Participants will be trained with sensors & interfacing sensors with control units.



Course Contents:
Proximity Sensor, Photoelectric Sensor, Fiber Optic Sensor, Smart Sensor, Vision Sensor, Area Sensor, Linear Position Sensor, Ultrasonic Sensor, Level Sensor, Pressure Switch, Temperature Controller, Flow Sensor, Temperature Sensor, Pressure Transmitter , Timers , Counters, Safety Light Curtains, Relays, Solid State Relays (SSR), Encoders, Colour Mark Sensor, Pneumatics, Reed Switches, Load Cells, Load Cell Amplifiers

2. Certified PLC Programmer

TADC- AE2 : deals with learning PLC Programming. Participants will be trained with PLCs including SIEMENS, ABB, MITSUBISHI etc.with simulation and interface with input and output devices



Course Contents:
PLC,HMI/ MMI, Servo Motor and Drives, SCADA, Field Instrumentation, AC Motor and Drives, Stepper Motor and Drives, Load Cells and Amplifiers,RS485/ Rs232 Converters, DeviceNet / Ethernet Communications

3. Drive and Motion Controls

TADC – AE3: deals with AC Motor, Stepper Motor, Servo Motor and corresponding Drives. Candidates will be trained to control the drives using PLC.



Course Contents:
Servo Motors ,Servo Drives, AC Motor with Gear Box, AC Drive, Stepper Motor and Drives, Programmable Logic Controller

4. Certification in Panel Board Engineering 

TADC – AE4: deals with Automation Panel wiring. This Course deals with selection of MCB, SMPS, Contactors, Relays, PLCs etc., and their wiring procedures



Course Contents
Automation Panel, Base Plate, Control Transformer, MCB, ELCB, SMPS, Relays, Relay Boards, Solid State Relays, Contactors, Push Buttons, Indicators, Terminal Blocks, Panel Accessories, Over Load Relay, Motor Protection Circuit Breaker, Ferrules, Tower / Signal Lamp.