We deliver real-life, practical training utilizing the latest industrial automation and process control technology.Our vision is to shape and nurture the Automation talent in India. Blended learning methodology and superior training environment for world-class experience!

TADC's Training allows participants to develop their technical skills in Automation basics, PLC programming and applications with practical experience utilizing current industrial control technologies. The course also includes a challenging project to consolidate their knowledge and further develop their skills. Delivered utilising a broad range of PLC platforms, the training is ideal for industry professionals to firm-up their knowledge and skills in Automation.

Participants will be part of a transformative learning experience that will involve rigorous theory sessions, challenging practical settings that cover the creation, commissioning and presentation of an automation solution.

MES:- MES is an on-line extension of the planning system with an emphasis on execution or carrying out the plan.
Execution means:

• Making products. • Turning machines on and off.
• Making and measuring parts • Moving inventory to and from WorkStations.
• Changing order priorities • Setting and reading measuring controls
• Assigning and reassigning personnel • Changing order priorities
• Assigning and reassigning inventory • Scheduling and rescheduling equipment


The MES is a manufacturing tool designed and built for manufacturing. Most manufacturing companies use a planning process (MRPII/ERP or equivalent) to determine what products are to be manufactured.